Why Choose an English Medium School for your Child?

In today’s globalized world, English has become the language that drives opportunities across various fields. For families who are considering schooling options, choosing an English medium school in Hardoi provides exposure that empowers children to excel. New Heights School, with its supportive environment, aims to help every learner gain strong proficiency in the English language. This article explores the benefits of English medium education, focusing on how it develops communication skills, enhances cognitive development, opens doors to higher education, provides global exposure, and paves the way to international opportunities.

Develops Communication Skills

English language skills play a crucial role in opening doors to higher education abroad and diverse careers. Regular practice from an early age helps develop confident communication abilities. At New Heights School, students engage in group activities, presentations, and play-based methods to comfortably express their ideas. The curriculum emphasizes reading, writing, and speaking to achieve fluency, enabling students to effectively communicate in English.

Advantages in Higher Education

English is widely used in competitive colleges and technical courses. A strong command of the English language allows students to grasp subjects and actively participate in class discussions, providing them with an advantage. Additionally, higher scores in standardized English entrance exams further enhance their prospects. By building a strong foundation in English, New Heights School prepares students for excellence at advanced stages of their education.

Global Exposure Beyond National Curriculum

An English medium curriculum goes beyond India-centric topics, offering students the opportunity to appreciate different cultures and develop well-rounded worldviews. At New Heights School, students are exposed to diverse perspectives on history, geography, science, and arts through international resources. This fosters open-minded thinking and prepares students for thriving careers in the global arena.


Paves the Way for International Opportunities

Proficiency in English opens doors to various international opportunities, such as studying abroad, travelling, working overseas, and participating in global internships. Institutions that use English as a linguistic bridge facilitate multilingual interactions with overseas students, enabling students to expand their international networks. Such exposure not only contributes to professional growth but also enriches personal experiences.

Extracurricular Advantage

English proficiency is essential for participation in global virtual programs, competitions, summer camps, and seminars. By actively engaging in these activities, students develop character, participate in community service, and take on leadership roles through innovative projects. Recognition of achievements in these endeavours motivates children to unleash their talents, benefitting society as a whole.

New Heights School follows the syllabus prescribed by CBSE and focuses on conceptual clarity through activity-based and discussion-driven classes. The school provides a well-rounded English medium education by utilizing interactive SmartBoards, digital libraries, theatres, and clubs, offering students ample opportunities for immersion in the language. The experienced teachers at New Heights School are dedicated to guiding every step of the student’s educational journey, ensuring that all scholars have access to opportunities, regardless of their economic backgrounds. The English medium environment fosters integral growth and prepares students for success.

English medium education offers immense advantages in today’s globalized world, and New Heights School in Hardoi acknowledges the importance of English proficiency. By providing a supportive environment and following a comprehensive curriculum, New Heights School empowers students to excel in their communication skills, cognitive abilities, higher education prospects, and global opportunities. 

Choosing an English medium education at New Heights School can lay a strong foundation for a successful future for students in Hardoi.

Career Consultancy Session

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.’ -Benjamin Franklin A career counselling session was held in the school auditorium of New Heights