The Campus Experience

Get a taste of life at the New Heights School with our dedicated wings for primary, middle and senior school.

New Heights School’s 10-acre campus (the biggest school campus in Hardoi) is conveniently located from all parts of Hardoi within 15 minutes. Boasting of all amenities crucial for a child’s growth, the school offers over 15 sports & recreational activities.

Campus culture and student experiences


A home-like playful environment with various sports & play areas for the kids to learn as they play and feel safe as they step out of their homes for the first times.

Middle School

Bright, cheerful, and spacious classrooms to enable children to stay enthusiastic during the day and study with sheer focus. The curriculum is a holistic mix of personality development, sports, academics, art & crafts to provide them with holistic education.

Senior School

Shaping our young citizens by providing them with the best facilities for all that they need –  experimental labs, debate competitions, sports, experiential learning, career guidance, or extracurricular activities.

At New Heights School, we prepare children to launch their careers by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn practical skills, build a network of industry contacts, and gain real-world experience. 


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?